Suite Scarlett By Maureen Johnson

ImageSuite Scarlett by Maureen Johnson

Series: Scarlett #1

Published by Point on May 1, 2008

Pages: 368

Format: Hardcover

Source: My library

Rating: 4 stars

Can we just all agree that Maureen Johnson is amazing?

I mean really. Amazing.

She makes me laugh hysterically. I regularly embarrass myself while reading her books because I just can’t shut up.

Suite Scarlett is about a girl who lives in a New York City Hotel. If any other author had written this book, I think I would have found it cheesy, cliche, and ridiculous, but Johnson makes it real. Scarlett, the main character, is a 15 year old blond with a great older brother and crazy platinum curls. When she turns 15, her parents give her a room in their hotel that she is to look after personally. When an new guest arrives and insists on staying in that very room, Scarlett becomes the personal assistant for Mrs. Amberson, a former starlet that Scarlett doesn’t quite know how to handle. Sabotage, Broadway, dead ferrets, and the New York City life collide in this fantabulous novel.

First off, Spencer, Lola, Marlene, and Scarlett may be the most perfect siblings I have ever met. Spencer is the 19 year old struggling actor trying to find a job before his parents force him into accepting a scholarship to culinary school. Spencer is some-one-needs-to-sit-on-me-so-I’ll-stop-laughing hilarious. Just look

“Well, what now? You have no job. I have no job. Wanna play Jenga?”

“Oh, Right” Spencer continued into the silence. “We don’t have Jenga. Wanna Just keep pulling out your dresser drawers until it falls apart?”

“What?” he asked, all innocence. He jumped up, fished a deodorant from under a stack of clothes, shoved it under his shirt and applied it liberally. “I am a Martin. Hotel management is in my blood, and customer satisfaction is my life.” “Every time you flirt with her,” Scarlett said, “A puppy dies”

Anyways, you can read the book yourself. Lola is less fantabulous, but still up there with the greats. She is the 18 year-old mature sister who isn’t as composed as she seems. Marlene is the obnoxious spoiled cancer survivor (I know that doesn’t go too well together). She made me want to scream my head off, annoying little sister perfection.

The romance was realistic, none of that disgusting instalove *gags*. I didn’t particularly like Eric, but it’s ok, at least they weren’t swooning over each other and confessing their undying love.

Mrs. Amberson is fantastic. Flakey, semi-nuts, and self obsessed. Again, this is one of the characters I find myself asking, “Self, why do you love them so much?”. I hate her personality in real people, but characters like her’s give books so much dimension. They add a layer of thick gravy on top of that already delicious steak.

So, I would recommend this book to anyone, old or young, rich or poor (this is starting to sound like a wedding). It’s an anywhere, anytime sort of book that gives you that bubbly happy feeling inside. And just because I had to say it again, Maureen Johnson is too perfect.

~The Red Queen



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