Crown of Midnight by Sarah Maas

Crown of MidnightCrown of Midnight by Sarah Maas

Series: Throne of Glass #2

Published by Bloomsbury USA Children’s on August 27, 2013

Pages: 420

Format: Paperback

Source: BEA

Rating: 5 stars

Crown of Midnight picks up almost where Sarah Maas’ first book (and debut) leaves off. Celaena is the King’s Champion, held hostage in the castle by the loyalties she feels to her friends there. The king believes her to be completely loyal, but in reality, Celaena is far from loyal and could be considered a traitor to the crown. Celaena makes some choices that could get her and all her companions killed. She uncovers secrets hidden for centuries and reveals a part of herself that had been hidden since she was almost too young to remember. Throw in some juicy romance and call it a day.

This book scared me.

Terrified me.

Almost made me wet my pants in fear.

For the entire first half of the book, I was so afraid that my Celaena had turned into some namby panby chicken girl that only cares about pretty dresses and boys. I felt like Celaena’s character had been completely reinvented.

I think one of the main reasons why I didn’t like that part of the book was because I do not like Celaena and Chaol (Please don’t kill me). I’m not one of those people who will not accept it, and loves Celaena an Dorien either. I miss Sam. A lot. A whole lot. I read the novellas a while ago and Sam is by far one of my favorite characters in the whole series. Why oh Why did he have to die? (look, I’m rhyming)  Chaol just kind of bores me and I don’t think he’s right for Celaena.

Finally on page 226, Celaena turns back into the bloody, fantazmic assassin we all know and love.

There are so many plot twists and emotional parts in the second half that I think my true emotions about this book can only be expressed through gifs.

Celaena went…

And then the bad guys went…

And then we got to the gory parts and I went…


So, all in all, this one one of the best books I read this year. It was a fantabulous, famazing ride of feels, smiles, grossed out faces (is there a name for those?), and much much more.

So, if you start reading this book and are disgusted with Celaena, I promise it gets better.

Thank you so much Sarah Maas (Please excuse the Sherlock)

~ The Red Queen



  1. I love your use of GIF’s to articulate your points! I’m not too sure about Celaena and Chaol or Celaena and Dorien (I probably had a really strong view, but have forgotten…), but I’m so excited to read this follow up. Also, claps for the Sherlock GIF!

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