Thursday Quotables #1

Thursday Quotables EditWhile browsing around the internet looking for interesting things to post that will keep you fantastic followers occupied while I am attempting to write a review, I came across this lovely meme hosted by Lisa at Bookshelf Fantasies.

Thursday Quotables is where you post a quote that you found this week from the book that you’re reading, so that the rest of the world can observe it’s AMAZINGNESS.

So, this week I was reading The Almost Girl by Amalie Howard (I’m trying to write a review right now and will most likely post it tomorrow if I can)

The Almost Girl

Here’s a quote that pretty much sums up both of the main characters.

“Just Riven.” He draws my name out slowly like he’s trying to taste it or something. “That’s a weird name. I mean, unique,” he says hastily. “Does it mean anything?”

“It means ripped apart.”


Yep, that’s Cade and Riven.

So, what quotes did you find this week? ~TRQ



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