Review: No More Goddesses by Kim Baccellia

No More GoddessesNo More Goddesses by Kim Baccellia

Series: None

Published by Zumaya Thresholds on May 28, 2013

Pages: 252

Format: PDF

Source: YA Reads Blog Tours as a part of the No More Goddesses Tour

Rating: 3 and 3/4 stars

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Jordan Lake discovers an ancient bracelet in her grandmother’s house and uncovers a family mystery that links her favorite actress, Audrey Hepburn, a romantic movie, and an aunt she never knew. Jordan hopes the bracelet will bring her love. Instead, it brings one nightmare after another, unleashing Hathor, the Egyptian love goddess, who decides it’s fun to mess with the McKnight High School social scene. Jordan holds the key to vanquish Hathor, but will she figure out what it is in time to save her school, one of her best friends, and get a date to the Valentine’s Day dance?

So, for this one I have mixed feelings.

In general, I liked the author’s writing style. It was perky and cute, went into lots of detail.  In fact, the writing style for narration may have been my favorite part of the book.

Chuck norris gif

After that, the characters definitely were not terrible. They may have been a tad cliche, but I happen to like Audrey Hepburn and Jordan’s love *cough* obsession *cough* with her made me smile.

Audry Hepburn Smile

Selena, her “BFF” was a tad obnoxious. The author tried to overemphasize her “spanishness.” It would have been enough to mention it a few times, but having her mix in spanish over and over went a little over the top. Otherwise, Selena was alright. She had a reasonably similar personality to Jordan and added a few quirky lines.

Considering that this book is all about romance (and I mean all about), there wasn’t actually that much romance in the book. I’ve read YA books that’ve been passed off as Sci-fi or Adventure that had more actual romance in them. My main problem with the romance is that it was semi-there and semi-not. The two (yes there was a love triangle, drop your torches and pitchforks, it wasn’t that bad) love interests were never really elaborated on. I couldn’t get a clear picture of them in my mind and none of their scenes together really had any spark. That being said, I’m glad it wasn’t over emphasized and Jordan didn’t spent half the book wailing about who she was going to love. In general, there could have been more character development there, but it didn’t really detract from the book.

As for the plot, books centered around romance generally aren’t my thing, but this one was decent. There was an evil goddess trying to turn people and cats into green glittery ice cubes and whatnot, so it definitely kept me entertained.

Overall, No More Goddesses, with its action and romance, decent characters and some sassy one-liners, is a reasonably light read. Even though I liked the book as it is, I feel like it would be better classified as a middle grade novel. Although the characters were in high school, their dialogue and the plot seemed like a better fit for a younger audience. I think it is a middle grade novel disguised as a YA book.

disguise skill

In general, if your looking for a nice, light read for a rainy day. This one isn’t a bad pick.


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  1. Hey, this review piqued my interest. I was under the impression that “No More Goddesses” was heavy on the romance, and out of my league. But I’m happy to meet a heroine whose love saga isn’t the only story she has to tell.
    Best of success, Kim!

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