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The Red Queen:

So, my life…

I drink a lot of coffee and read lots of books. I also do lots of homework, which constantly talks to me and tells me to stop eating and get off the internet so I can do something productive. Unfortunately I don’t always listen…

As for my fantabulous pen name, I’m a proud ginger and before someone goes down and comments about how soulless I must be…

ginger meme


Don’t mess with me.


Ummm…. Reading obviously. I play violin and take ancient Greek, because thats how the cool people roll #yolopeaceswag. I also run, sometimes, when I feel like it.

My iPod is filled with disney princess music, broadway, and really really stupid disney pop songs that I run to (I only use them for running *cough* mostly *cough*).

I love gifs and memes. A lot. I use them to express my feelings, because sometimes, you need a little happiness and giggles in your life. To use the cliche quote, “a picture is worth a thousand words.”

I end up hating a lot of books that I read, so sorry for my hater problems. For most of my reviews, you can probably tack a star onto the end and that will be the majority of the world’s opinion. I also go nuts over the books that I LOVE and insist that the word go out and buy them at that very moment. Either I am filled with rainbows, unicorns, and sparkly hearts for a book, or I want to throw it at a wall.

Deal with it

I fangirl over: Les Mis, Newsies, Little Shop of Horrors, Sweeney Todd, Sherlock, Doctor Who, Merlin, LOTR/Hobbit, Harry Potter, Marvel, Disneyish things, PERCY JACKSON (mainly Percabeth *starts jumping up and down because of it’s perfection*), and plenty of other book fandoms that I don’t feel like listing.

Have a FANTASTIC day and enjoy our bloggy blog.

Cheshire Cat:

“Hi!” (read in Moriarty’s voice) So this is my very own self. Despite the misleading pen name, I’m not really a cat. So far.

I read a lot, but I do get busy during the school year so don’t judge me. I swim and play volleyball so that I can fit my hand in the Nutella jar, and that’s pretty much the only reason why. My hobbies include watching Netflix, crying over fictional characters, and ranting over the internet to strangers.

I’m sarcastic and my writing can go from SAT vocab to made up words to first grade reading level, depending on what mood I’m in. I listen to exactly three kinds of music: Broadway showtunes, Disney princess songs, and Switchfoot.

CURRENT FANDOMS: Les Miserables, Sherlock, Harry Potter, Hunger Games, Disney princesses, and Marvel. FANDOMS I HOPE TO JOIN SOON: Doctor Who, Divergent, Supernatural, and Once Upon a Time.

I don’t do art. Ever. I sing a little but I don’t really like my voice. I try and stick to piano as to not offend people.

Herm de herm de herm, what else… yes, a brief list of my celebrity husbands: Aaron Tveit, Ramin Karimloo, Benedict Cumberbatch, MacKenzie Bourg, and Fra Fee. Fiction husbands: Leo Valdez, Percy Jackson, Enjolras, Prince Philip, Spiderman

Gosh, I feel like I need to make mine longer because everyone else’s bio is longer than this, but I have no idea what to say. I don’t cuss. I hate the feeling of the fuzz on a peach. I hate when people play with my hair. I’ve taken Latin for seven years. I have one sister. I don’t enjoy social functions, except for with a select few. I kind of blindly hate things that everyone loves (cough cough One Direction cough). I want to be a child pyschiatrist.

Ok, to write anything else at this point is A) a waste of my time to type because I should be doing homework right now and B) a waste of your time to read because you don’t even know me so why would you care.


Hello, friends!

So I’m a nerdy brunette with love for books, theatre, and British (occasionally American) television who spends too much time on the computer. Sadly, I also spend a whole lot of time doing homework, but as a professional procrastinator, I can usually find some time to watch Netflix, write reviews, listen to showtunes and Paramore, waste time at Barnes and Nobles, and occasionally sleep.

I am very  emotionally invested in Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, many books, musicals, BBC, Marvel and more.

I am lucky to go to a school where I have good friends, including Red Queen and Chesh, but apart from that, I mostly stick to fictional characters.

I live in America and that’s all you need to know. I don’t want you finding me – of course, you’d never be able to.

I probably live in a cave.

Or your house. You don’t know.



Kidding! Probably.

I hope you enjoy our blog! 🙂




  1. Hi! I just finished the first season of The 100 on Netflix and want more. Found your blog by looking for more info and the book – read your review, cringed, read it again and decided not to bother getting the book(s) from my local library.

    Looking forward to binge-watching Season 2 when it’s available (CW is not HD here and looks terrible on my TV).

    Noticed you’ve also reviewed Divergent (really liked the movie; similar to Hunger Games but better), so I’ll check that out and maybe/maybe not read the book.

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