How We Review

All of our reviews are our honest opinions based on the book itself. If we disliked a book, we will provide a negative review. Please remember that this is a review of a BOOK. We are in no way trying to personally insult an author or a publishing company.  Although we will post negative reviews, it is highly unlikely that we will read a book that has no good qualities in it. We will include both positives and negatives in our reviews.


5 stars: Fantazmic, Fabutiful, Wonderific book. Mere words cannot describe its beauty.

4 stars: Pretty good book, but I will probably not make up words to describe how good it is.

3 stars: Decent, average book. Definitely no made up words here. I didn’t like or not like it.

2 stars: Not very good, but there must have been some redeeming qualities or I would have given it 1 star

1 star: This is where I start to make up words to describe how bad a book is. I will probably give unrecommendations for this book.


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